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The Off-Season: Player Development vs. Playing Games

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The Off-Season: Player Development vs. Playing Games

The off-season is the best time to work on individual player development. Too many teams spend too much time playing games in the summertime and miss out on the great opportunity to make players personally better. While next season's team needs some time to learn the system and get used to each other and their new roles, they also need to become better individual basketball players.

All things considered, each summer league game requires about a two-hour time commitment. Some teams play forty games or more in the summer. Imagine how much a player could improve if he devoted those eighty-plus hours to fundamentals such as footwork, ball-handling, passing, or shooting. How much better would a player be if he used some of that time for jump training, quickness and agility workouts, or an effective strength program?

If players simply play games and do not work to improve their fundamentals, they are only practicing the same bad habits. In order for improvement to occur, there must be a balance of individual work, team practice, and some actual game competition.



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