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Outwork Your Opponents

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Outwork Your Opponents

The most valuable commodity that all coaches, teams, and players have in common is time. How you use that time will determine your success. Some of the best coaches in basketball aren't necessarily successful because of what they know, but because they outwork their opponents. Of course, the same holds true for players. What you do with your time will determine your level of success. An oft-used quote is: "Remember, when you are not working, someone else is. When you meet in competition, all other things being equal, they will win." --Ed Macauley, former NBA star.

That being said, coaches need to be just as aware of when their players need some time off as well. So, I wonder if MAYBE the following statement is just as true:

"Somewhere, someone is resting and recovering. That will revitalize them to the point that, when they take the court again, they will work harder, longer, and with more focus . This periodization of training leads to a more productive practice regimen. And when and you meet them in competition, all other things being equal, you will lose!"

Coaching is very time-consuming, so one of the best skills that you can acquire early in your career is time management. Determine your priorities and devote the time necessary to them before you move on. Whether it is practice time, practice preparation (often overlooked), scouting, film breakdown, game preparation, or promoting your program--get to work. Hire good assistants and put them all to work. Give everyone different responsibilities so that there is an "expert" in each area. Get others involved and delegate duties. Coaches expect players to put in time outside of practice to improve their game, and coaches should work as hard as they expect their players to work--the players will return the favor.



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