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Practice Planning

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Practice Planning

As often as possible, make practices competitive. Games are played to be won and lost, so the more competition you can have in practice, the more used to competition your players will be. Winning then becomes a habit.

When running drills, break your team into groups for short drills. You want to keep practices fast-paced, and this will help. The smaller groups keep the team active and give everyone several repetitions in the exercise. By keeping the drill time short, you keep their interest.

Have an idea of how you want your basketball practices to flow. There should be a natural progression to what you do. Practices should start slow for warm-up purposes and gradually get more intense. You might want to insert fun and enjoyable drills immediately after more strenuous activities. It's a good idea to work on shooting when the team is tired. Try developing a chart or checklist to make sure that you cover skills and strategies as often as you'd like.

You might want to try teaching new plays during a pre-practice walk-through before the team is stretched and loosened up. At this point, their minds will be more focused on learning. If they stand and listen for too long after warming up, they will get tight and it might be hard to get them going again.



5/1/2010 8:40:12 AM
Abdul Karim Mughal. said:

practice organization is most important for a coach/ trainer. all the important tips covered in the articel incloding prepration(psycological basis), physiological basis,statical basis,skills of the game.


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