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Coming from Behind Late in the Game

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Coming from Behind Late in the Game

There comes a time in a game when you look up at the scoreboard and realize that the score has gotten so out of hand that you need to do something different to close the gap. How drastic a team must alter their style of play when trailing late in the game is determined by a number of factors, including the deficit, your rate of scoring, whether there is a shot clock, and time left on the clock, among others. A general rule of thumb is, when the deficit is three times the number of minutes left in the game, it might be time to alter your strategy. Example: Two minutes to go, down by six points, three minutes and down nine, et cetera. It is important to play good basketball rather than to simply play faster and take quick, bad shots. Regardless of the above circumstances, the single most important aspect is to PLAY DEFENSE to try to get stops!

Comebacks are fueled by getting stops on defense. It's tough to narrow the score when you simply trade baskets. All of these methods need to be practiced, along with any special last minute plays, so that the players will be prepared for the situation. This preparation will also give the players the confidence that they have the ability to come back, even against the lowest of odds.



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