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When Your Team Is Shooting

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When Your Team Is Shooting

1) Be as far UP in your rebounding lane as is allowed so that you are as far AWAY from the player blocking you out as possible.

2) If the player blocking you out steps straight in, try to ride him under the basket without fouling.

3) If the player steps at an angle or into you, fake middle and swim to the outside, going behind the opponent and trying to get beside the block out.

4) The two offensive rebounders can also try to employ a "crossing action." This may allow them to avoid a good block out and create some confusion or congestion that makes blocking out difficult. That slight edge may enable the offensive rebounder to get possession, or at least get a hand on the ball.

5) With the relatively recent change to only allowing two offensive rebounders, don't waste your other two players by having them simply stand back, uninvolved. Instead, involve them in a possession strategy of some sort. Have them on the three-point line on either side of the free throw shooter. If an opponent stands by one player, then that player rotates deep and the other player stays on the three-point line. If the rebounders cannot secure an offensive rebound, they can try to tip it to their teammate at the three point line for a shot or a regained possession.



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