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When You Are Shooting Free Throws

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When You Are Shooting Free Throws

1) Be as far UP in your individual rebounding lane as is allowed so that you are as CLOSE to the next rebounder as possible.

2) Start with your feet very close together and your knees bent. This will allow you to take the farthest step possible into the lane.

3) Start with your hands down and raise them as the shooter shoots in order to be consistent with the rule: "Shot goes up, hands go up."

4) Step with the foot closest to the shooter directly toward the midpoint of the free throw line. Create some space between you and the basket and make and maintain contact with the opponent that you are assigned to block out. Too many players step straight in and end up with a bad rebounding angle. Keep your hands up with your upper arms parallel to the floor. This will make you big, wide, and hard to get around.

5) Make sure that you account for the free throw shooter and block him or her out as well.

6) If a player in the third spot up the lane does not have anyone to block out, he should then move DOWN the rebounding lane and be as CLOSE as possible to the opposing player below him. When the shot goes up, that player can then "pinch down" along with his underneath teammate who is blocking out the offensive rebounder.



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