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The Free Throw Blockout-- a Possession Strategy

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The Free Throw Blockout-- a Possession Strategy

The free throw lane (also known as the "key") is divided by a number of hash marks that indicate where players are allowed to stand. The mark closest to the basket is a larger rectangle called the "block."

Free throw rebounding rules vary according to level. Some levels allow the first rebounder to be above the block, some allow the rebounder to be on the block, while some levels require the rebounder to be below the block. The team not shooting must fill the first position and the teams are allowed to alternate, every other player, until the number of rebounders allowed per level of play is reached. The trend is to limit the number of players and move them up the lane to minimize the physical play on rebounds.

Different levels designate when the rebounders are to enter the lane--some when the ball leaves the shooter's hand and others when the ball hits the rim. It is imperative to be aware of the specific rules at your level of play. In any case, there are certain strategies that can be employed to allow your team to secure the rebound, regardless of whether your team is shooting or not.



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