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Avenues of Learning

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Avenues of Learning

Talk to the substitutes about why events are happening so that they can learn by observing. Berating players will not necessarily stop them from committing the same mistake again and again. Encourage them and reward positive behavior and they'll try to achieve that more often. Once you establish that they realize what happened was incorrect, then provide a solution. If they recognize the mistake on their own, then there is really no need for the coach to pile on, so skip pointing out the mistake and go straight to instruction. If the situation arises again and they show progress, acknowledge it with positive feedback. Allow your players to make decisions and they'll learn by doing. If you over-coach every action, they won't develop their "game sense." Facilitate this with questions and opportunities to improve. Stay active throughout the game, regardless of the score, and always remember that you are coaching a game--provide a positive and fun learning environment!



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