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Referees and Scorers' Table

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Referees and Scorers' Table

Be aware that many referees, particularly at the lower levels, are just starting out and, not unlike your players, are bound to make mistakes! As a coach, you have to be aware of the bigger picture--taking advantage of beginner referees with intimidation is very unethical, verbal exchanges with them takes your attention away from what you are there to do (to facilitate a fun, educational experience for the players), and openly criticizing them will continue to drive referees away from the game (no referees = no game). Regardless of what level you play at, everybody makes mistakes, including players, coaches, and officials. If you have a genuine complaint, address it through the appropriate channels (referee supervisors, administrators, court controllers, committees, et cetera). If not, then concentrate on what you have control over: yourself, your behavior, and the performance of your athletes.

The scorers' bench is often manned by parents, siblings, or other players who, not unlike you, are there to help the players. Treat them with respect and instruct your players to do the same. Ask politely for subs and time-outs. Again, if an error is made, jumping up and down is unlikely to help your cause. Follow the proper protocol and get the error addressed in the appropriate manner.



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