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Proper Dribbling Position

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Proper Dribbling Position Tip: You would never have two people basketball dribbling in a game, but a two dribbler attack will teach players to improve their basketball dribbling skills. Have two players dribbling the basketball in a small area. While they are dribbling, they go after the ball of the other player. Each player learns how to protect their own dribble and control their own dribble simultaneously. Practice this drill for two minutes at a time. The same theory applies to this dribble in a crowd drill. A real game would never have more than one person with the ball, but this drill will help players master the dribbling technique. You begin by using three to five defenders. The offense shoots and rebounds a layup. As the offensive player dribbles to the other end of the court to shoot a layup, the defenders try to take the ball away from him. The dribbler must look in all directions to protect the ball. This drill will give the player a better feel for dribbling in a crowd. Practice this drill for 15 minutes using all the participants.



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