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Learning to Shoot Under Pressure

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Learning to Shoot Under Pressure Tip: Need some basketball shooting tips for when you're fouled? Try this technique below: You begin by having two players set up two feet away from the basket. The defense stands three to fur inches away from the offense directly between the offense and the basket. The defense should have their hands outstretched harassing the shooter. One hand, which is free to move, is in the face of the offense no closer than five inches, impairing the offenses vision of the basket. The other hand, which is stationary, is outstretched straight up to block the ball. The defense may talk and yell, but not block the shot. As the offense squares up for basketball shooting, the defense can use its outstretched hand that can move to softly push the shooting arm and shoulders of the shooter. The offense shoots the ball and both players go for the rebound whether or not the shot is made. Each player attempts to box out the other player. Once the rebound is secured, the ball is given back to the offense and the drill is begun again. Repeat this drill eight times.



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