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The Wall Run

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What is the wall run?

The Wall Run

The wall run is a great way to condition for basketball. Begin with your arms straight out against a wall. Drive your knees up as high as possible with good forward body lean. When doing this drill, drive your knees up as fast as possible staying on your toes. Perform the drill in 15 to 30 second intervals. Work for 15 seconds and rest for 30 seconds for 10 repetitions.



8/15/2007 1:01:36 PM
CoacHumberto said:

This is a great drill for conditioning. I set times of 45 secs to a minute and have them count the number of times they bring a knee up (each knee counts as one). We do three sets and each time trying to beat the number of times brought up our knees. good burner.

3/24/2010 5:07:10 PM
patil said:

simply good

7/28/2010 1:37:06 AM
elizabeth said:

great way to get in shape for the season

8/3/2011 1:45:32 PM
Selena said:

do you drive both knees at the same time please tell me!!!


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