August 8, 2003, Newsletter Issue #122: BALL FAKES

Tip of the Week

A "fake", by definition, is intended to mislead or trick someone. In order to do this, you need to be a good actor. The fake must begin in a realistic manner and at the same speed that the action that you are "faking" would normally be made. Too many fakes are "overexaggerated" and, therefore, ineffective.Ball fakes need to be short, sharp, and quick movements with the same initial fundamental move that the pass or shot would be made with.

A "shot fake" should start with the ball in the "shooting pocket" and the player _looking at the rim!_ You wouldn`t shoot without looking at the rim, so a good defender won`t go for the fake unless you are. The ball should never really be exposed any further than above the eyes, as the initial movement is what causes the defnder to react. Once the defender reacts to the fake, you will be a split second ahead of the defnse and can make a differnt move, or drive to the basket.

A common principle is to "fake a pass" before "making a pass. The fake should either move the defender on the ball, enabling a different pass to be thrown, or move another defender, thus enabling the reciever to get open.

Pass fakes are also very effective in causing defenders in a zone defense to shift, allowing the offense to attack in a different area of the zone.

All things considered, ball fakes are some of the most usefull moves in the game of basketball, and like anything else, require alot of practice.

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