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Question 1

What is a defensive triangle?

It is the area of the court just below the free throw line.
The triangle made between 3 defensive teammates.
The triangle made between a defender, the ball and his man.
The triangle formed on a trap defense.
A defensive triangle is the triangle formed when you are playing man to man defense between You, the player you are guarding, and the ball.

Question 2

You must have 5 players to start a game. How many players do you need to finish the game?

You must have 5 legal players to start a game, but only 2 to finish!(so that one player has someone to pass to).

Question 3

How do you measure a vertical jump?

Measure the distance from your fingertips to the rim.
Measure how high you can reach without jumping. Then measure how high you can reach when you jump. Then measure the difference.
Measure how high you can reach from the floor to the rim.
Jump and measure the distance your feet are from the floor.
If your vertical jump is over 30 inches, you are a great leaper!

Question 5

How long do you have to shoot a free throw?

10 seconds
8 seconds
12 seconds
There is no time limit.
You have 10 seconds to shoot, or it is a violation, and the ball is awarded to the opposite team.

Question 6

How far is it from the free throw line to the basket?

12 feet
10 feet
18 feet
15 feet
It is 15 feet from the free throw line to the basket.

Question 7

What is the weakside?

The side of the court where your weakest offensive players are.
The side of the court opposite the ball.
The side of the court that is weakest defensively.
The side of the court with the most offensive players.
The weakside is the side of the court opposite the side the ball.

Question 8

What is the distance from the 3 point circle to the center of the basket?(in high school)

19 feet, 9 inches
21 feet, 6 inches
20 feet, 6 inches
19 feet
It is 19 feet, 9 inches from the 3 point line to the center of the basket.

Question 9

What is a reverse dribble?

When you go backwards as you dribble to relieve defensive pressure.
The type of dribble you use before a crossover.
It is like the Reggie Miller Step Back move to create space.
It is the same thing as a spin dribble.
A reverse dribble is when you turn your back to the defender, spin, and go in the other direction.

Question 10

How do you defend a cutter on the give and go?

follow him
jump to the ball side to cut off the passing lane.
double team the receiver of the pass.
try to take the charge as he cuts through.
You immediately jump to the ball side passing lane and deny any pass back to your man.

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